Wright Tech Systems Inc.

The Biodryer

At the core of Wright Tech's organic waste and renewable energy solution, is our patented biological dryer (Biodryer®) technology. Based on a fully enclosed, flow through tunnel (insulated stainless steel) design, the Biodryer® can transform organic waste (meats, fish, dairy, fruits, foods, sewage biosolids, agricultural waste, manures, pulp sludge, paper, wood, yard, etc) into a biomass fuel in 14 days or less.

The Biodryer is divided into two distinct zones (Heating and Drying) separated by a mechanical aeration system that helps break up clumps of material while increasing its surface area for optimal drying. The first section is referred to as the Heating Zone (first 7 days) where the heat is generated, potential pathogens destroyed (EPA 503) and any off gases are volatized. In the Drying Zone (next 7 days) the biological oxidation process and carbon loss (CO2) has practically halted while the hot air from the Heating Zone is utilized to dry the material.    

Organic waste (at the required moisture level, C:N ratio, porosity and pH) after being properly mixed (to desired density), is automatically loaded into the Biodryer® via a conveyor system onto trays. The tray of organic material is then moved forward into the Heating Zone of the tunnel where bacteria and other microorganisms in the presence of oxygen naturally break down this organic matter (through biological oxidation) and produce carbon dioxide, water and heat in the process.

The heated air (60°C - 80°C) generated during this exothermic reaction is then utilized (via heat exchanger) in the Drying Zone to help biologically dry the organic material to produce a biomass fuel at approximately 20% MC or less without the need of fossil fuels (unlike traditional thermal dryers). 

The Biodryer® is maintained at a slight negative pressure and all off gases are exhausted to a biofilter to control odors. A relatively large volume of supply and exhaust air is maintained to provide the necessary oxygen for the oxidation process while helping to control any potential VOC's, ammonia, off gases or odors.

Wright's biological dryer technology is characterized by its low energy, labor, operating and maintenance costs and its ability to produce a consistent, high quality (14,000 to 20,000 kJ/kg) biomass product.

This video is an excerpt from the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District of British Columbia, Canada. The contents are the property of the SLRD.
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